Tips For Overnight Packing

I deem packing for an overnight trip right up there with picking what sides to order with your pizza (it's always garlic bread and wedges in the end), trying to find a matching pair of socks and concealing my under eye circles. It's tricky. 

When packing for just one night, the aim of the game is packing as little as possible, and sometimes taking a full face just for a day seems excessive. But for someone like me, who is totally addicted to makeup, leaving behind a handful of steps just isn't an option. Of course, it depends on where you're going, but you know, a girl's gotta have options. So here are my top tips for keeping your luggage as light as possible. 

  • Put together your makeup & skincare bags as you get ready the morning you leave. This will ensure you don't forget anything, if you pack as you go along.
  • Pack miniatures wherever possible, especially those single use sachets you think you'll never use, perfect for chucking out after using them! I have a giant box where I put every sample and mini product I can lay my hands on, and reserve them solely for travel!
  • Go brush free where you can. A foundation that blends in nicely with your fingers, cream cheek and eye products, that sort of thing. Brushes can really bulk up your bag, so avoid them where possible!
  • Pick your foundation based on what's compact and travel friendly. For example, I'd pass over something like the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation, a large heavy glass bottle, for something like the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua or Jouer Matte Moisture Tint, a small compact plastic number. 
  • Sacrifice what you can. Do you really need blush, contour, bronzer and highlight? Do you need a twelve shadow eye palette? I tend to opt for just a shimmery blush and cream shadow instead, and go more simple. 
  • Invest in a mini hairbrush. I love the compact Tangle Teezer! It'll save you a ton of room, and comes in handy for windy days too. 
  • Check what's in your handbag. If you're anything like me, you'll probably have a powder, a concealer and about thirty lip products in there too. Don't pack what you're already carrying in a different bag!
  • Pack multipurpose products. Cream blushes you can use on your lips, an eyeshadow you can use as contour and to fill in your brows. That kinda thing. 
  • Think twice before you pack. I once found myself packing my hairdryer, straighteners, shampoo and conditioner, styling cream and heat spray for an overnight stay, before realising I'd done my hair that morning. I took it all out, and chucked in a bottle of dry shampoo. Just think about it. 
  • When all else fails, deploy a five product face, like this one!

What are your tips for overnight travel?

Worth The Hype? Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes

I think it's fair to say that these brushes have reached something of a cult status amongst beauty bloggers and lovers alike, not least for their shiny rose gold hardware. I resisted the urge to pick up this set for the longest time, but after chucking out a few brushes and identifying a few gaps within my brush wardrobe, I decided to pick these up, a 10% off code sweetening the deal.

Zoeva have recently bought out a new version of this brush set, but I went for the original, I prefer the brush selection in this one, and I slightly prefer the black handles to cream. The set contains eight brushes and comes with a beautiful brown leather pouch to store it in, complete with matching rose gold hardware.

So the brushes! There's a mix of face and eye, natural and artificial bristle brushes in the set, and I honestly can't think of any other brushes you'd need!

106 Powder Brush - Good for powder as the name would suggest, the super soft synthetic fibres pick up the perfect amount of powder so that things don't look cakey. I also like this one for bronzer, getting right up under the cheekbones and it blends colour out a treat if you go overboard with the blush.

102 Silk Finish - Possible the perfect foundation brush? This rounded top brush is the perfect shape and size for really blending foundation into the skin for a natural, streak-free finish.

110 Face Shape - The only one I struggled to find a use for. This is nice for under eye concealer, and also for cream highlight and contour products!

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush - A small, natural, tapered bristle brush. This works equally well with contour and blush, it's the perfect size for getting under the cheekbones, or for dusting over the top. It blends product in a treat, leaving a really natural finish.

142 Concealer Buffer - Again, as the name would suggest, perfect for buffing in concealer. This works both under the eyes and on blemishes, and really creates a seamless concealed look.

227 Luxe Soft Definer - A perfect MAC 217 dupe, amazing for packing colour onto the lid and blending it in too. An eye essential.

231 Luxe Petit Crease - I actually prefer this for getting shadow along my lashline as opposed to the crease, the firm tapered bristles are perfect for creating a soft powder liner look. 

317 Wing Liner - I like this for gel liner, but I prefer it for filling in my brows! It's dinky enough to be perfect for the job!

So the verdict? Absolutely worth every penny. Especially when you compare it to something like the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes that are £25 for one and nowhere near as good.

At around £55 you're getting a lot of bang for your buck, and this really is an entire brush collection, you don't really need anything else! I am in love with every single one of these brushes!

What are your favourite brushes?

All The Essie

Over the years, I've amassed quite a lot of time, and spent a fair few pennies, at Essie counters. In my eyes, you can't go wrong with an Essie polish, the formula is always fantastic, they've got every shade you could possibly want, and a reasonable price point. I love the flat wide brushes, the glossy formula, and I'm always falling head over heels for a new shade!

That being said, I'm pretty ruthless, if a shade isn't working for me, it gets the axe. I hate having unused polishes sat around, I really love every single one of these!

Here's a whistlestop tour of my collection!

Good To Go Topcoat - I like this stuff, super glossy and quick drying, which is fab if you're impatient like me. 

Grow Stronger Base Coat - I'm nearly out of this, and whilst I'm not sure I've noticed a difference in how strong my nails are, it's a good base coat.

Tuck it In My Tux - Not my favourite shade, a sheer pearly white, but it looks gorgeous layered under glitters! 

Blanc - The perfect white polish. I love how this looks, especially with a tan!

Urban Jungle -  This shade is definitely within my top five polishes, an off white with a hint of greige, it doesn't look much in the bottle but it's stunning on the nails.

Fiji - A classic milky pink. I go through phases of loving and hating this. 

Penny Talk - A shimmery gold with a hint of rose. A beautiful shade, but it doesn't last very long on the nails.

Jazzy Jubilant - A gorgeous glitter polish, with large flecks of blue, green, gold and pale pink sequins. Super pretty.

Stroke of Brilliance - The most beautiful blue sequin polish, I can't get enough of this.

Summit of Style - Possibly the most beautiful glitter polish in the world, a rosy gold sequin polish. You need this for Christmas time! 

Bahama Mama - The perfect berry with a hint of red to it. Perfect for autumn, but I'm guilty of wearing this all year around. 

Damsel in a Dress - A deeper, moodier version of Bahama Mama. This winter, I wore this polish for six weeks straight. It's bloody beautiful.

Splash of Grenadine - A purple with a hint of fuschia. I love this for summer!

Garden Variety - A current favourite. Teal with hint of green. Different, but pretty.

After School Boy Blazer - Almost black navy. This shade is super sophisticated on the nails. 

Tarte Deco - A perfect peach with a kick to it. 

Orange, It's Obvious - An out and out orange polish. I never thought I'd sport a shade like this, but I honestly love it, especially with a tan!

Peach Daiquiri - A summery bold pink.

Watermelon - A deep bold pink. I was obsessed with this summer before last, and still pull it out every now and then when I need a little colour.

Too Too Hot - A slightly orangey toned red. My absolute favourite toe colour!

Russian Roulette - My perfect red manicure shade.

Dress To Kilt - A deep burgandy red, perfect for dark and moody days.

First Base Base Coat - A good all rounder base coat. 

Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo - A gold glitter with a silvery sheen. This stuff was practically made for Christmas.

Toggle To The Top - A burgandy glitter polish. I love this all year round, despite it being a really festive shade.

Mademoiselle - An almost white pink. I slightly prefer this shade to Fiji, I think it looks less harsh against my skin tone.

Shearling Darling - A shade I don't reach for often, but love every time I do. It's like a darker version of Dress to Kilt!

Parka Perfect - A rather bizarre shade, kinda a stone blue with a hint of shimmer, but it's really pretty on the nails!

Phew! That's quite disgusting really, isn't it! What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good nail polish!

What's your favourite polish brand?



The Beauty Tool Drawer

The bottom drawer of my cliched blogger Muji stash is devoted to what I would loosely refer to as 'tools'. This is where I keep the face prep bits, and tools that aren't brushes, that I like to have on hand on a daily basis.

Falling into the prep side of things, we've got the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet, my morning moisturiser of choice, light and hydrating. I've also got a new bottle of the Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid, my favourite facial SPF, lightweight and doesn't leave a tacky residue like most. Two eye creams, the First Aid Beauty Triple Duty Eye Remedy for mornings, which has a fab brightening effect, and a mini Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream for the evenings that I'm trying to use up, as well as my Optrex Brightening Eye Drops, for days when my eyes are super dry and itchy. I've got two lip balms, I tend to use The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care day to day, but I also have the Eve Lom Kiss Mix which I tend to use in the evenings. I've also got a mini perfume rollerball that I keep here to chuck in my handbag or travel makeup bag if I need it, this one is the Tease Noir scent from Victoria's Secret.

Moving on to more tool things, I've got my Shu Umera Lash Curlers in gold, which are hands down the best lash curlers on the market, and my mini Tweezerman Tweezers which are the best tweezers on the market! I've got a giant clip for when I straighten my hair, or I need my fringe off my face, and a Barry M Sharpener, which I love because it's got a big and small sharpener! There's a little hair tie because I seem to lose them like nobody's business, and my Beauty Blender too. And lastly, I keep the Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder in here too, because it's the last step in my routine, and the pot is pretty bulky!

Do you keep a tool kit on hand?